Friday, 28 December 2012

My Mindmap

These behaviors are briefly outlined below:

1)Stepping Outside of Comfort Zone

Ashwin is constantly stepping outside his comfort zone into new industries to face unique challenges that test his discipline, expertise and resolve.

2)Facing Problems Head-on

When problems arise, Ashwin tackles them immediately and aggressively, making sure that small problems don’t become big headaches.

3)Open to Change
Ashwin is constantly open to changing his perspectives, viewpoints and approach to any situation if he feels that it will help him attain his goals and objectives in a much more effective and efficient manner.

4)Making Every Second Count

Ashwin is very aware that every moment that goes by is an opportunity to do things better, to improve a process or to take the next step towards a bigger objective. He therefore makes every second count by mixing business with pleasure.

5)Hunting for New Opportunities

Ashwin is always on the lookout for new opportunities and ideas that will enable him to gain an advantage over his competitors.

6)Asking Questions

Ashwin is constantly asking solution focused questions that clarify his thinking and help him overcome the challenges that confront him on a daily basis.

7)Enjoys Living Life to Fullest

Ashwin is constantly seeking out new exciting endeavors, adventures and experiences. He believes that life must always be lived to its fullest potential.

8)Having Fun

Ashwin turns everything into a game where having fun is on top of his agenda. For this very reason he enjoys mixing work with pleasure and has successfully created an easy-going and fun-loving culture at Virgin.

9)Meeting New People

Ashwin is a passionate networker. He enjoys meeting new people, discussing new opportunities, and building mutually rewarding relationships with others.

10)Enjoys Working

Because Ashwin mixes his work with things that bring him pleasure, this lifts his spirits and strengthens his motivation to work for extended hours throughout the day and night.

11)Takes Calculated Risks

Ashwin takes calculated risks in life. He understands where the boundaries lie, and is therefore careful not to over-extend his personal and professional capabilities and capacity to move intelligently through periods of emotional turmoil.

12)Takes Time to Read and Learn

Ashwin fully understands that lessons are often learned through mistakes and experience. However, he acknowledged that lessons can also be experienced within the pages of a book. And it is these book-experiences that save him an ample amount of time, energy and money, that he would normally spend learning in the real world.

13)Takes Time to Catnap and Daydream
In order to re-energize his body and mind, Ashwin takes catnaps throughout the day. He also undertakes periods of daydreaming about his passions, which invigorates his creative mind and strengthens the flow of new ideas.
14)Takes Time to Think
Ashwin sets time aside to create new ideas, plan it and think about creative solutions to pressing problems..
Believes that everything is negotiable.
Alongside values we have beliefs.
Beliefs are the building blocks of our daily decisions, behaviors and actions. They will essentially determine the actions that we take, or refrain from taking when faced with obstacles or challenges.
Ashwin’s beliefs have been shaped and molded as a result of a lifetime of unique experience. These beliefs have strengthened his resolve and made him into the man we know today.

Here is a list of some of the beliefs that have shaped Ashwin’s personality:

Believes that anything is possible.
Believes that rules are made to be broken.
Believes that business is a fun and creative way of life.
Believes in developing people.
Believes in leading from the front.
Believes in action over hope.
Believes in being polite and honest.
Believes in doing no harm.
Believes in building teams.
Believes in integrity.
Believes in respect.
Believes in trust.
Believes in controlling one’s own personal destiny.

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