Sunday, 28 October 2012

Object of curiosity? Or an Object of Fascination?

Recently a Person shows me this object with an very interesting introduction

Which i am least Fascinated by,Yet i am forced to find the use of this peculiar object.
After a few minutes of staring at it It struck me like a bullet.It was simple all the way and i cant believe that it was right in front of my eyes.

This Object the Holy Key Of Hades.With Magic it has been made to look like a mere plastic object of pink color. So that it looks like a mere object of common usage.The Keys of Hades are "keys" owned by the god Hades. They have the power to "seal" or "free" people in the Underworld, which means someone could bring someone from or send someone to the Underworld or Tartarus with the keys.

Three Keys in total Exist.

1) Jesus : Rev. 1:18 simply says that Jesus holds the keys of death and Hades. Having a key to some place means you can enter it and leave it at will.  In John 10:17-18 Jesus said He had the authority to lay down His life and the authority to take it up again. After His death he walked into Hades and when He was ready He walked out again. Only someone with the keys can do that.
While in Hades, 1 Peter 3:18-20 says He preached to the disobedient spirits from the time of Noah. And 1 Peter 4:6 says the gospel was preached to those who had died in faith of a coming redeemer. Jesus probably did this too.
Jesus Pulling out Adam and Eve from Hell. An act Which could only be done with the Help of The Key.

But the clearest reason is that this was the sign He offered to His enemies in Matt. 12:39-40 as proof that He was who He claimed to be.   He said He would spend three days and three nights in the belly of the Earth, which is where people believe Hades to be.
2)Hades: Hades is always represented as a stern, dark, bearded man, with tightly closed lips, a crown on his head, a sceptre and a key in hand, to show how carefully he guards those who enter his domains, and how vain are their hopes to escape. No temples were dedicated to him, and his statues are very rare.

The Object marked on Blue is the Key of Hades and beside it is Hades
His identifying possessions were the famed helmet, given to him by the Cyclopes, which made anyone who wore it invisible. Hades was known to sometimes loan his helmet of invisibility to both gods and men. His dark chariot, drawn by four coal-black horses, always made for a fearsome and impressive sight. His other ordinary attributes are the Key of Hades and Cerberus, the three-headed dog.
3) The Last Key on Earth.
"Ανανήψει από τα ερείπια της Πομπηίας τον , Βασικά Άδη »βρέθηκε εντελώς ανέπαφη στο κέντρο του Βεζούβιου. Ο θρύλος λέει ότι το κλειδί ανήκε στον Άδη, ο ο Έλληνας θεός του κάτω κόσμου. Ήταν το κλειδί που l

ocked μακριά από όλες τις καταραμένες ψυχές στον Άδη παρακολούθησαν πάνω. Σίγουρα ότι κάποιος θα κλέψει το κλειδί του και να ξεκλειδώσετε τα φρικτά καρπούς της εργασίας του το έδωσα σε ένα καμαριέρας."
The Above Sentence Was written By Ahgonos Vladmirj a Greek Traveler 250 BC.
It Translates to 
"Recovered from the ruins of Pompeii, Hades’ Key was found completely intact at the center of Mount Vesuvius. Legend has it that the key had belonged to Hades, the the Greek god of the underworld. It had been the key that locked away all of the cursed souls Hades watched over. Sure that someone would steal his key and unlock the horrible fruits of his labor i Gave it to a Maid." This shows that the 3rd Key of Hades was always in our Vicinity.was that, The Keys Were Rumored to be Made of Cyprus a Plant commmon in any Roman Household. 
Now many People may not know that Cyprus extracts have been used to make plastic a more durable Prod
Another Thing That got to my Attention uct. Source :wikipedia .So are the Gods Laying it out before us and Making a Mockery.And Below is the Final proof
The Symbol of Hades

The Object Of Curiosity
Pictures talk better than words.Hence it can be clearly seen that this object is not of normal nature and a human being cannot possess this, Hence the person who possesses it is either A messenger of Jesus,Or the Gatekeeper to hell..Or what if.

He is Hades Himself. 

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